What you should know about this page

Welcome to Madhouse's demo page! We've created this plain website to test and demonstrate our spectacular ad formats.Showing off is not our bread and butter but it's perhaps worth mentioning that we work closely with some of the most popular brands out there, helping them stand out in the digital creative space. What makes us special? By combining the media- and creative-driven approach, we are able to provide unique solutions that really stand out even on a regional level.

But first, you might be interested in what Madhouse really does. Madhouse is a leading independent mobile-driven advertising solution provider, an optimizer supporting top brands and mobile content providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are constantly working on new solutions to reach digital users the most effective way possible. Furthermore, as maximalists we are involved in the creative implementation process as well to ensure high aesthetic quality.

Let's talk about our products

Besides offering the standard banners we are also able to create dynamic advertisements in HTML5 format. Furthermore, rich (interactive) media solutions are also available.

1. Cube

Highly efficient format to make the most of your ad space. Communicate different messages on each sides of the cube, which can all lead the user to different landing pages. Choose up to 5 sides for your cube that the users can reach via swiping and achieve excellent engagement rates.

2. Branded video

We are proud to announce, that after a long innovation process we are now able to serve video ads as well. Stand out in the digital space by showing your brand’s story just like you would in a TV spot. With the decline of TV, make your way to digital advertising with this brilliant format and tell more than you would in a standard static banner. Furthermore, we can show your call to action constantly, by adding a header (or footer) to the video, so that your message is clear and visible throughout the video banner.


3. Custom banners

So, you have a mini-game in mind? A poll? Want to show a room in 360degrees? Zoom in to different parts of a car? We can do all of them. This is probably one of our most exciting products because of its immense adaptiveness. Each campaign is different, because we customise them by putting the product’s nature, and more importantly, its functionality first. For example, we had a customer marketing a new home delivery service. So we created a gyroscope using banner, in which the user could lead the food to the delivery goal by tilting his/her phone. Users loved the interactive idea and produced amazing engagement rates.


4. Reactive

Advertisement that reacts to scrolling. We are able to match any given animation to the user’s scrolling. Imagine a car rolling in from the side directly in sync with the scrolling. It’s a simple but extremely eye-catching and imaginative solution.


5. Wipe

In this format we involve the user by requiring a wipe interaction to reveal the ad. Let’s say, for example that you want to market a beer that aims to “brings coolness in to the hot summer days”. Imagine a frosty screen that sparks the interest of the user, and by wiping the frost off of it, it reveals your beer’s brand. It’s a playful way to involve the user and it usually generates great engagement rates.


Madhouse Creative Exchange (MCX)

What is Madhouse Creative Exchange (MCX)? In a nutshell: MCX helps advertisers and agencies create better quality and more aesthetic ads on the programmatic channel. Thus, we connect our mobile creative solutions with the automatized channels, after which we implement the campaign and track the serving as well in real time. Therefore, our MCX services include the production of the creatives from the raw materials sent by the client and optimizing them to fit the platform where it’s going to get served. We can even handpick the media surfaces where the ads will appear, so as to provide the most ideal environment for any given creative and to reach the most relevant audience. advertisement
HTML5 / Rich media

We are offering banners in HTML5 code, which means that dynamic banners are now able to run on mobile platforms just as well as static ones. With an HTML5 ad, we are able to ensure the same feeling on mobile, as flash is on the web. Moreover, with the extrusion of flash, HTML5 is set to become the default format not only on mobile but on desktop as well in the near future. Rich media solutions exceed the simple picture and text structure and use eye-catching photo, video, and audio files, that provide visitors a more unique experience.

Of course, we have a normal website as well, please take a look at that here.